Cooperation with JFA

With "the JFA Decleration on Grassroots Football"in 2014, the disability football have formally become members of the football communicty. We will keep cooperating with one another to create an environment where anyone can enjoy football anytime, anywhere.

The JFA Decleration on Grassroots Football (2014)

JFA has declared in its statement as follows: "Regardless of age, gender, disability or race, football is for anyone, any time and any place. In addition, every aspect of every category, including sports for the disabled, will be in our picture for the future development." Cooperation between JFA and the disability football side has begun since then.

Establishment of JIFF (2016)

In 2015, "the Disability Football Coucil" consisting of JFA, 7 disability football associations and some experts was founded. After the several topics have been discussed at the coucil, on April 1st 2016, JIFF have been established as JFA’s related organisations.

Building a local network and organisation (2015-)

In 2015, the 47 prefectural football associations assigned persons in charge of disability football and then they started meetings to discuss matter of disability football with JFA. After the establishments in the following year, JIFF and the 7 disability football associations also joined it.
After the range of the participants of the meetings expanded to J-League clubs and local disability football teams, in 2019 we set up the partnership conferences in the 9 major regions. Through the discussions in the conferences, we are working in building a network of disability football and implementing measures tailored for each local region.

Cooperation in development of official coaches (2017-)

With the purpose to create an environment where any person with disability can receive football coaching and then play, JFA introduced a training course of the coaching method for disability football which JFA official licensed coaches can additionally take. JIFF issues an official certificate for people who pass the course and are registered. These coaches can also access to opportunities to coach disability football and information which JIFF regulerly provide.

"Team Football Japan" (2021)

At the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, in the three "football" categories (Men's U-24, women’s A team and Men's national blind football team), all of "Japan national players" wore common uniforms for the first time. We also formed "the Team Football Japan" in which the whole football community of Japan, inclusing J-League, WE-League and disability football stakeholders and so forth, to enhance the sport movement regardless of age, gender or disability.