Inclusive Society through Football

This marks the eighth year since the establishment of our federation. With the progress made in the seven disability football and the deepening cooperation with the JFA and other members of the football family, our activities towards realizing an inclusive society are steadily advancing.

New Category for the Japan National Disability Football Team

As the competitions and events of the seven disability football, which had been suspended due to Covid-19, have now resumed, we have also successfully organized several international tournaments and friendly matches.
In our commitment to promote and strengthen the women's category of disability football globally, we established the 'Japan Women's National Disability Football Team for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities' in November 2022. This addition marks the 14th category of the Japan National Disability Football Team.

Inclusive Environment where Anyone can enjoy Football Anyone, Anytime, and Anywhere

We continue to promote networking activities through the partnership conference for disability football, in collaboration with the Japan Sports Agency, with the aim of positively impacting the daily lives of people with disabilities. These activities are still primarily conducted at the regional level, as in the past.
The total number of organizations and conferences promoting disability football, regardless of the type of disability, has increased to 35 across prefectures. We are actively supporting and promoting their activities in accordance with the specific local situations, which include initiatives such as creating inclusive spaces, coach training, and team building.

Education and Training Programmes

In April 2022, we initiated the implementation of the 'Inclusive Education Programme' for primary and junior high schools. This program includes hands-on lessons designed to enhance children's understanding of disability and promote awareness of diversity, drawing on the expertise we have acquired through disability football.
Additionally, we have also introduced the 'e-Learning Training' program for companies. This training aims to promote behavioral change by providing knowledge about the social model of disability, as well as essential information such as the Disability Discrimination Act. The program also covers specific characteristics of different disabilities and provides guidance on how to effectively interact with people with disabilities.

We remain committed to our efforts in realizing an inclusive society and fostering greater cooperation among the seven disability football, members of the football family, and the sports community. We genuinely appreciate your ongoing understanding and support as we strive towards these goals.

PresidentJapan Inclusive Football Federation

About JIFF

JIFF is a related organisation of the Japan Football Association (JFA). We work in collaboration with JFA to achieve our visions and to support the 7 disability football associations.

Our Ideal

Through football, we contribute to creation of a vibrant, inclusive society where everyone, with and without disabilities, can enjoy the value of sport and individuality of each person is fully respected.

Our Vision

  1. By promoting and developing disability football until it takes deeply root in society, we will create an environment where anyone can enjoy football anytime, anywhere.
  2. By strengthening the base of disability football in Japan, we will create world-class national teams that move, inspire and encourage the people of Japan.
  3. By keeping good governance and fulfilling our social responsibilities, we will enhance the value of disability football.

Cooperation with JFA

Our Role
  1. Liaison between JFA and the member associations
  2. Consensus building among the member associations
  3. Planning and implementation of measures to develop disability football and disability sport
  4. Reinforcement of cooperation among the member associations
Our Role


Japan Inclusive Football Association (JIFF)
April 1st 2016
Vice Presidents
TANAKA Kenji (Japan Deaf Football Association)
MAEHANA Hirofumi (Japan Amputee Football Association)
General Secretary
MATSUDA Kunji (Japan Football Association)
IGUCHI Kenji (Japan Blind Football Association)
SASSA Tsuyoshi (Japan Social Football Association)
JIN Iyoko (Japan Cerebral Palsy Football Association)
SUZUKI Hirokazu (Japan Football Federation for Persons with Intellectual Disability)
HIBINO TANAKA Nobuko (Toin University of Yokohama)
YAMAKI Jyo (Japan Powerchair Football Association)
TARUMOTO Satoshi (Lawyer)
OKUMURA Takehiro (CPA)
  • Japan Amputee Football Association
  • Japan Cerebral Palsy Football Association
  • Japan Social Football Association
  • Japan Football Federation for Persons with Intellectual Disability
  • Japan Powerchair Football Association
  • Japan Blind Football Association
  • Japan Deaf Football Association
TOYOTATOKYO Bld.,1-4-18 Koraku,Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo 112-0004 Japan


JIFF was established to fulfill two key missions: to support the 7 disability football associations and to carry out activities for the realization of an inclusive society.

1. Support for the 7 Disability Football Associations

We support the 7 disability football associations in order to improve their business infrastructure, sport performance and promotion activities for each type of football.

  • Introduction of a common uniform for Japan national disability football teams
  • Joint secretariat for disability football (Shared office) and personnel support
  • Public Relations of the 7 types of disability Football
  • Working as a primary contact point to response to inquiries on disability football
Support for the 7 Disability Football Associations

2. Activities for the Realization of an Inclusive Society

We are working to create an environment where anyone can enjoy football anytime, anywhere, and to dissolve social barriers between people with and without disabilities.

  • Creating an inclusive environment through efforts of Inclusive Football Festa
  • Training Courses for Coaching of Disability Football and Registration System
  • Partnership Conference for Building a Network of Disability Football in the 9 Regions of Japan
  • Financial supports for sign language interpretation
  • Education programs for companies and schools
Activities for the Realization of an Inclusive Society