International Cooperation

Partnership with Para Football Foundation

On March 1st 2021, JIFF signed a partnership agreement with Para Football Foundation (Arnhem, the Netherlands) which works in promoting and developing disability football in global. For further collaboration, we became one of affiate FAs of Para Football Foundation in September 2021.

With the vision that is to realise "Football for all persons with disabilities" Para Football Foundation was established on December 3rd 2020, which works in collaboration with the international govenning bodies of each type of disability football, national football associations and confederations, and the other disability sport governing bodies.

We will keep working hard to relise our visions by sharing good practices and know-hows and supporting from one another.

Joint Project with Barça Foundation

Since 2019 JIFF has been running the series of the "FutbolNet" coaching seminars jointly with the Barça Foundation established by FC Barcelona of the Spanish La Liga with the purpose that they give support to vulnerable children and young people through sport and education on values, with the aim of contributing to a more inclusive and egalitarian society.

During the project, we work as a coordinator with stakegholders in Japan for the foundation. We invite lecturers with the special methodology with the aim to increase the number of people who can learn diverse values through sport and contribute to realization of an inclusive society, as well as to improve a playing environment for persons with disabilities by enhancing the coaching skills of the participants.

AFC Award

On October 30th 2019, JIFF won a Gold Award of "the AFC Dream Asia Awards 2019"- We were awarded as one of the winners in the NGO category as the Asian Football Confedetration (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) higly esteemed our achievements in Japan so far.