Creating an Inclusive Society through Inclusive Football Festa

Dec 25, 2021

Since its establishment in 2016, JIFF has been running “Inclusive Football Festa” in Tokyo in December every year. We have added more venues for the event in Hiroshima, Ibaraki and Kanagawa as well since 2018. With the introduction of online-based programme in 2020, we have more participants from all around Japan. We are aiming more to hold in all parts of the country for the purpose of creation of an inclusive society.

Introduction video – Short ver. –
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From “Inclusive Football Festa” to an Inclusive Society

JIFF calls “mixed-up football” which anybody, with and without disabilities, can enjoy “inclusive football”. We believe that by enjoying football together beyond various differences, the mental barriers between participants will naturally disappear, leading to mutual understanding.

For such purpose, JIFF has been running “Inclusive Football Festa” since its establishment in 2016. Given the importance of an experience of the mixed-up environment from childhood, we also run mixed-up“walking football”program, which is open to people of all ages and with or without football experience, including people using powerchairs and totally-blind people.

In order to create an environment where anyone can enjoy football and other sports anytime, anywhere, it is important to make “disability sports” well-established. At the same time, we aim to create an environment where people play football and other sports in this mixed-up way, rather than separating them into with OR without disabilities, so that such a way becomes the norm.

Past Event Videos

JIFF Inclusive Football Festa 2016(Tokyo)


Inclusive Football Festa HIROSHIMA 2018


Inclusive Football Festa HIROSHIMA 2020 -Online-


Inclusive Football Festa IBARAKI 2020 -Online-


JFA Football Day Inclusive Football Festa KANAGAWA 2021 -Online-


JIFF Inclusive Football Festa 2021(Tokyo)-Face-to-face and Online-

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