Powerchair Football

Japan Powerchair Football Association (JPFA)

What’s powerchair football?

Football played on powerchairs with rear protection

It is "football without kicking with the feet". Many of the players have disabilities that prevent them from walking by themselves, and some have disabilities so severe that they cannot hold their upper body or neck. However, they are able to use their remaining functions - hands, feet, mouth and chin - to manipulate joystick-form controllers and play in unison with their wheelchairs. It is an exciting and satisfying sport for anyone, young or old, who can drive a powered wheelchair. There are no gender restrictions and teams can be gender-mixed. The maximum speed for powerchairs is limited to 10 km/h, but the intensity with and the fast pace at which the wheelchairs compete with each other for the ball make it very exciting. The ball is approximately 33cm in diameter, and the players are able to pass, dribble and shoot it with great finesse.


International governing body:

What are the rules?

Team members
Game duration
40 minutes (Two halves of 20 minutes)
Pitch size
14-18m×25-30m (A basketball court is often substituted)
Goal size
Goals consist of 2 upright posts and the distance between them shall be 6 m. A goal is scored when the whole of the ball passes over the goal line.
・Ball (33cm in diameter)
・Powered wheelchair (The maximum speed allowable is 10 km/h or 6 km/h (in Japan))
According to FIPFA Classification Rulebook, assessed by the levels of physical difficulty which affects player’s overall performance such as postural control, head control and driving skills, they shall be classified into PF1 and PF2 categories:
PF1: This denotes a player who has highly significant levels of physical difficulty which affects their overall performance.
PF2: This denotes a player who has moderate to mild levels of physical difficulty which affects their overall performance
* Each team must field a maximum of two PF2 sport class players during a match
Other rules
There are 2 major modifications on the Laws of the Game:
  • "3 persons" rule that no more than 3 teammates (defense players) shall be within their own goal area at one time while the ball is in play
  • "2-on-1" rule that only one player and an opponent shall interfere with play within 3 m (10 ft) of the ball while it is in play
Persons who can drive a powerchair
* in Japan, they shall be 5 year old or older and issued a Physical Disability Certificate


Japan Powerchair Football Association (JPFA)

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